We currently need to use AppConfigs in order to link a specific package file to a platform in order to run tests. But we don't really
AppConfigs for anything else. It would be nice to be able to run an "interactive" test by specifying a local apk file and Device instead of an AppConfig and Device. Or being able to run an "automated" test by specifying a local apk file and a set of Devices/TestPack rather than a TestPack which needs to have an existing AppConfig associated with it.
One way to implement something like this given the current objects and required associations would be to dynamically create a new AppConfig with the platform of the target device(s) and upload the local apk file to it. For "automated" tests, you'd also have to dynamically create the TestPack with the newlycreated AppConfig and set of target device). Then run the test with that AppConfig+Device or TestPack.
This would be clunky, but do-able from our own code if we had full CRUD access to the various config objects. But this doesn't seem to exist, and would be fairly painful. It would be more convenient if this was natively available.